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Anyone can do martial arts. Through our consistent studying, implementing, and reviewing of techniques and teaching strategies we have found a way to teach our members in ways that improve their lives for the better. Usually after just one class!

Applying what we have learned, and continue to learn, to our classes, we have developed programs that have lasting benefit no matter what the member’s age or skill level.

Our members push past their previous expectations of what they thought they could do and apply the new confidence they gain to all parts of their life.

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Tae Kwon Do is the Korean art of self defense. Is designed as nonviolent art and system of complete body exercise as well as being a way of life it includes physical techniques, mental discipline, and a deep philosophy.

The complete history of Tae Kwon Do is quit lengthy. Tae Kwon Do was practiced during the silla dynasty. People trained their bodies and their minds. Hwarando was an essential part of silla’s struggle to unify the whole country.In the history of Korea, Tae Kwon Do was called Subak.

 At that time people practiced not for exercise, health, or sport activity, they practiced as martial art of considerable value. Historical records testified that  since the Korean dynasty Tae Kwon Do was practiced as an organized sport for spectators. Now Taekwondo is an olympic sport and is practiced all around the world.

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