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Claim your free voucher for 10 lessons for only $29.99 and get a free uniform!

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That's right, you get 10 lessons at $2.99 each, and a free uniform... But we only have so much space in our training hall so act fast!

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Now is the time to take action, we only have so much space in our training halls and these spots are going fast. So if you intend on signing up, you should do so quickly!

Payment of $29.99 will be due once you’ve finished the first class. We accept check, cash or card. Simply show the voucher code to your instructor that you will get in your email to take advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t Settle For Less

We train all ages, shapes, sizes and skill levels!

Some form of Martial Arts have permeated every aspect of every culture for a reason. 

You and your family can enjoy the many benefits Taekwondo classes have to offer, including increased confidence, and physical activity while learning a new life long skill.


Charge Forward

Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Our instructors, curriculum and techniques have been tested and tried through years of refining and practice. We’ve produced martial artists that have gone on to win Olympic Medals and Championships all over the world. 

  • We can get through the hardest barriers
  • We can work with all shapes and sizes
  • We will give you the tools you need to succeed not only with martial arts, but whatever your hand finds to do.