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That’s right, you get 10 lessons at $3.99 each, and a free uniform… But we only have so much space in our training hall so act fast!

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I bought 10 class with free uniform for my 7 years old son. It was affordable price for valuable class. For my son’s experience he made good friends at class with very enjoy, comfortable, clean, respectfully teachers and kids. For my experience i would say it’s perfect class for start beginner learning martial art of kids. Also i saying strongly recommend Warriors Martial Arts for keep continues martial art learning kids. Thank you all of Warriors Martial Arts staff


The coach was amazing! My 6-year-old has a new passion now.


We purchased the 10 class pack for our 6 year old to dip his toes into Taekwondo. We’ve had such a good experience! The coaches are kind, our son enjoys attending every week, and they are very knowledgeable! We fully anticipate continuing with their program past the 10 classes. Thanks so much guys!


Warriors Martial Arts allows to attend the initial class and meet all of the training staff. After that, they give you access to a private Zoom for each session. My child loves the class and they have flexible options like 2 days a week vs 6. The kids actually learn things which I love and while I was worried the staff is patient, answers all my questions and my kid’s happy to go back every week. 💯🥰

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