Instructor Certification

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WMA Conditioning Plan

We will use this page to organize our tentative strength and conditioning plan for WMA students and teams. 

1. Testing

We developed the following test battery. We will periodically give the tests to ALL students, so that we can identify potential new sparring team members and so that people can see their progress. The battery uses standard tests, so we can compare results vs known populations (ie, you can jump 60% as high as an average NCAA basketball center, or have 23% more agility than an NFL lineman.)


300 Yd Shuttle

Vertical Jump

Sitting Stretch

Hexagon Test, T Test 

Double kicks in 1 min, 100 Point Drill

Pushups in 2 min, Situps in 2 min

2. Phases

For the sparring team, the following phases will apply as major events become closer. We will start with peaking for US Open and Nationals. 

Phase 1 (off season) – Focus is on technique and speed. 
Phase 2 (early season) – Focus is on contact, timing, and explosion. 
Phase 3 (late season) – Focus is on strategy, scenarios, and maintaining gains from previous phases. 

3. Weight Training – We will first determine max values for each student for each of the desired exercises, and then give out a 2-3 times/week lifting homework.