k-8 League

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K-8 League

The CES-TKD League (Colorado Elementary School) allows students to compete for their academic schools and so that we may increase students’ skills, friendship, and team spirit.

Students compete in 4 different events – (Traditional Forms, Grappling, Sparring, and Breaking.) Students earn one point for their school for each event that they enter. This is different from previous years – now students will be able to face the people who will give them the greatest experience without losing points for their school.

The points are added and all schools are ranked. The top schools receive trophies for the year.

2011-2012 Champion: Aurora Quest Academy.

2012-2013 Champion: Global Village Academy.

2013-2014 Champions:  Aurora Quest Academy and Crescent View Academy.

2014-2015 Champion: Crescent View Academy

2015-2016 Champion: Aurora Quest Academy.

2016-2017 Champion: Montessori Del Mundo

2017-2018 Champion: Montessori Del Mundo

Go to http://www.coloradomanews.com and you can see detailed results and rankings of all schools.

Notes from Master Bill for 2015-2016 Season:

The instructors and I have been giving a lot of thought on how to structure the league to get the most benefit to our students so we have a couple of tweaks in store.

Number one we felt that there was too much emphasis/pressure on winning and losing for kids so young. They have plenty of time for that in the high school leagues, college league, and regular state and national championships. We don’t want anyone to feel that they let their school down in what should be a development environment. So while there will still be winners and losers and different medals, the elementary school points are based on participation.

The second change is that while forms and breaking will remain traditional ‘division’ events, sparring and grappling will be a series of matches against multiple different levels of opponents. A single elimination tournament isn’t a great value for half of the competitors, who have to go home after the very first match. This will give people a large amount of experience, while not having to worry that sparring up (what might be great experience martial arts wise) would cost your team. This way people can still get a good amount of matches in with referees and judges and coaches to prepare them for other tournaments.

The third change is the addition of grappleball and paddleball, which won’t count towards team standings, but instead be a fun way for kids to get to know each other more. These events are free to anyone who enters the tournament. We will do this only at some events.