Komil Latipov

6th Dan Black Belt

  • Certified level 1 USA Taekwondo instructor
  • 6th Dan Black BelT
  • Certified USA Amateur Athletic Union Coach
  • Olympic Style Taekwondo
  • Experienced injury management and recovery
  • Medic and 1st aid/CPR instructor

Coach Komil Latipov, was born in the city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He attended a Russian school where he began studying Taekwondo at age eight. After graduating at the top of his class, he was accepted into Tajikistan National University to major in basic law, and learn English. Has degree in Physical Education. He is fluent in three languages: Russian, Persian and English. His Taekwondo career took off when he was accepted into the Tajikistan National Team from 2000-2005. He won many titles such as second place in Central Asian Games and first in countless other international competitions. Coached Tajikistan National Team including two London Olympians Gulov Alisher and Farkhod Negmatov at last World Championship in Puebla, Mexico in summer 2013. My student Joshua Kosloski is former a cadet and junior in the USA National Team and, the first USA Cadet World Champion! Currently coach-adviser of Tajikistan National Team. Lives in Denver, Colorado. 


In the beginning 2005, he came to New York to further his education in law at the City University of New York. Along with school, he worked as a full time trainer for Sungs Taekwondo in Brooklyn and had over 100 of his own students. Married, has three daughters: 10 year old daughter Malika attends Crescent View Academy in 5th Grade(Bronze medalists at AAU National Championship 2018), 2 year old Safiya and 1 year old Aisha. His brother Daler Latipov 20 y.o.(Tajikistan National Champion) lives and trains under Coach Komil Latipov in Colorado and member of Tajikistan Junior National team, currently attend UCCS.