registration Instructions

In order for the tournament to run smoothly, we are accepting preregistration ONLY. However, you may register online until Midnight ,THURSDAY December 9th .

Note, this year the deadline is THURSDAY)

If you sign the waiver online and aren’t doing black belt sparring, you
DO NOT need to wait in the registration line the day of the event. NO refunds

here will be no Paper Registration!!! If can’t sign up online please call. (720) 400-0023)

ou DO NOT need to be a member of USTU/USAT/AAU or any other governing body for this tournament.

Directions and Location

The tournament will be held in the Crescent View Academy indoors in Aurora, CO. The address is 10958 E Bethany dr, Aurora CO 80014.

Rules and Mandatory Equipment

Uniform: Recognized martial arts uniform. Costumes allowed for demo team.

Safety Equipment: – WTF/USAT Approved!


Shin & Instep, Forearm, Head Gear, Chest Protector, Groin Cup (Males, worn on inside of pants). A mouthpiece is
mandatory! For grappling: cup (for males) and mouthpiece are required. 


Traditional Forms and Olympic Style Sparring will be judged by modified USAT rules. Breaking competitors
will have three chances per board and must provide their own breaking materials. Breaking, Group Forms, Junk
Weapons, and Weapons Forms will be judged for style, skill, balance and overall presentation. Group, and
Weapons forms may have music and have a time limit of 3 minutes. Blaster Pad Sparring – Knock your
opponent down or out of the ring! Best 2 out of 3 wins. No skill divisions.

We will allow (within reason) decoration of boards used in breaking. For instance, you can write your fears on
the board and smash them. Things like “Cancer”, “Doubt”, “Impatience” or pictures of monsters under the bed
are perfectly acceptable. Nothing political or controversial

For complete rules see the tournament website/facebook

Registration Prices

$45 for the first event and $10 for each additional event. The cost for all spectators is FREE.