Warriors Martial Arts (CVA)


June 13th -17th (First session)

June 20st-24th   (Second session)

July 11th-15th   (Third session)

July 18th22nd   (Fourth session)

August 1st– 5th   (Fifth session)

From 9:00am-3:00pm (Before/After care 8:00am-4:00pm $25 additional fee for the day)


5-15 y.o. boys and girls.


$189 per session or $40 per day, 20% off each additional sibling.

You can register online and reserve your child’s spot in camp now for only $50 deposit per camp.


Registration deadline June 11th


  • Fun Field Trips
  • Exciting Martial Arts
  • Swimming & Water Play
  • Summertime Games & Sporting Activities
  • Healthy Exercise
  • The World’s Coolest Camp Counselors
  • Free Bully Proof Workshop For All Campers And Their Friends
  • Fun! Fun! Fun! Your Kid’s Will Thank You!

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It’s that time of the year again! Warriors Martial Arts All Day Summer Camp for kids is the perfect way to give your child a summer you will both love.  Drop off your child before work every morning and pick them up after. Give them a summer to remember!

Our program is popular with the kids because it is FUN! And parents love to see their kids develop physical coordination, flexibility, self-defense skills combined with mental confidence, respect, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Your kids will come back having done things they thought they could never do with the urge to explore their growing abilities further. 

We help children cement a strong positive attitude early on which sets the stage for a success for their entire lives. We teach the mental fundamentals of traditional martial arts, enabling kids to build core character qualities while practicing Tae Kwon Do in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

This summer camp for kids program will consist of several elements including field trips every Thursday’s. Each trip will bring exciting new lessons and experiences that your children will cherish for ever.  This will be the summer they will remember.

This Camp is an accelerator program. Each day of camp counts as 5 CLASSES and many students (up to Red belt) should be ready to belt test directly after the week of camp!


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in summer camp?

A good summer camp program for kids offers much more than activities and arts and crafts. Our program also offers a community for your child to join.  Your child will learn to work with other campers, and get along with children from a variety of backgrounds. For example, campers may learn to work together to accomplish tasks, work together to win a camp-wide competition, or work to help one another learn new skills.

The obvious benefits of summer camp are all the new skills your child will learn. It doesn’t matter if your tween attends a sports camp, an adventure camp, or a program that offers a little bit of everything, summer camp will teach him or her new skills. At Warriors Martial Arts we implement practicing Tae Kwon Do into the summer camp experience for kids. The experience may also help him or her find a hobby or a life passion that he or she otherwise may never have known about.

Making new friends and growing socially: It can be difficult for kids to go to a summer camp when they don’t know anyone else there. Our program makes it easy for kids to find friends fast. A camp friendship may last a lifetime, or only a summer, but either way camp offers children the opportunity to branch out from their regular circle of friends and learn to connect with other people in positive ways.

Gain decision making skills: Summer camp will help your child learn how to make choices. What should I eat for lunch? Should I participate in this activity or that one? Because camp counselors typically don’t hover the way parents are known to do, your child will be responsible for making many decisions on his or her own. And that’s very good practice for the teen years ahead, which offer responsible decision making opportunities every day.

How do you motivate my child? 

When children and teens participate in activities and complete tasks, they build confidence and competence. By constantly participating in activities in which kids feel successful, academically, socially, and physically, children develop an instrinsic motivation because sucess feels good! Through developing higher levels of confidence and doing things they thought they could not do, children break barriers of fear and laziness that hinders their growth. This helps cement the basic motivation to be successful, independent, and self-directed.  

Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts offer students to grow with positive self-discipline and self-motivation. Our instructors are experienced with motivating and activating children. 


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Warriors Martial Arts
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