We hope this letter finds you all well. We are writing to inform you of The Open Colorado K-12 Schools Tournament which will be held December 1tthh2021 in CVA school in Aurora. 
We will also be offering (time permitting) UNLIMITED CHALLENGE MATCHES after the end of
competition (Olympic Sparring and Grappling) We will use E-system Daedo Gen 2 for all red and black belt matches! We will
also be offering FREE ENTRY to current national team (AAU/USAT) members.

We look forward to an efficient tournament with padded rings (4 rings) and electronic scoring. We will be

offering online registration. Please see the tournament web page Tournament Info – Warriors Martial Arts (cotaekwondowarriors.com for more

information and registration, and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
 We will continue to use the WMA Tournament Committee, which will ensure that this tournament is even better run than
past events.
As always our goal is that you and your students will have a positive experience,
Master Kamil Latipov
Tournament Chair


Divisions will be broken down by age, weight, gender, and experience. Competitors will be able to select a
different experience level for each event. This will help someone who may want to do forms at their level, but
spar at a higher level. This will also help people who might be a black belt in Taekwondo, but a beginning

1-Kids Color Belts (12 and under)

4-Kids black Belts (12 and under)

2-teens Color Belts (13-17)

5-teens black Belts (13-17)

Teams will be placed in the division of the highest member. Thus, a team with a black belt and a color belt will
compete in the BLACK BELTS DIVISION. Consider this when making your teams for these events.
See the tournament page for full rules, scoring, and video demonstrations of Special Events.


The winners of each division will receive medals. All 5 year olds and under will receive at least the bronze
medal. The winners of each division will also receive 3 points (Gold Medal), 2 Points (Silver Medal) or 1 point
(Bronze Medal). You can receive a maximum of 3 points per event.
The medals represent a piece in a puzzle that can be completed by also winning medals in the next two winged
fall tournaments, to be announced later.

Tentative Schedule

All events are located at CVA school. The schedule is subject to
change as the tournament gets closer. *Note – If one ring finishes early we may move
divisions from other rings to ensure the most efficient overall operation.

saturday, december 11th 2021

10958 E Bethany Drive Aurora CO 80014


 These Rules may be
amended as we get Closer to the event, please watch you email for
updates; All who are to enter the Event Venue will go through a
Temperature Check and if anyone has a Temp of 100.4 or above you will not
be allowed to enter. Once you enter the venue, all will must wear a facemask,
covering both your nose and mouth completely, at all times or the Venue
Security must and will ask you to leave.
At the rings, currently, athletes and coaches must wear a facemask. All
facemasks have to cover Your Nose and Mouth Completely.
All Rings will have hand sanitizer available and gloves for Judges and
Referee’s. Any equipment provided by the Event will be disinfected prior to
use and the Athlete must return the equipment from where they received it
themselves, you cannot hand it off to someone else, such as your coach or
the referee.
There will be hand sanitizer at all entrances and exits of the Competition
Area. On the competition floor only the competitors which have been called
to holding are allowed. At registration and weigh-In everyone must wear a
facemask which covers your nose and mouth completely, an athlete can have
only 1 person with them. Mandated Facial Covering and Social distance
guidelines must be adhered to at all times as well as wearing a facemask,
there will be no exceptions to this, as the Venue and local Officials can close
and cancel the event at any time for non-adherence to the COVID-19 and
their Health and Safety Rules

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